jueves, 21 de septiembre de 2017

My experience in CEIP Bergamín

Hello everyone!

My name is Evelyn Niederer and I worked as a foreign language assistant in CEIP Bergamín during the last year, 2016/2017.  

I would like to take a minute to write about my experience in this school. What a fantastic team! I was really nervous walking to school on my first day, but when I walked through the gate I was warmly welcomed by my English coordinator, Carmen.

All of the teachers at Bergamín took their time to speak to me and offer anything I needed. Carmen was so understanding about everything and helped make my time at Bergamín and Malaga more enjoyable. On the first day we worked out a timetable that could best fit for myself and the school. I absolutely loved helping the kids with their English. The teachers were very open to my activity ideas and worked well together in the classroom. 

I hope in the future the auxiliares could have more hours at the school because the time went so fast! I feel very lucky to have been in Bergamin school, the children were so much fun, I loved getting to know them and their personalities.

The teachers and the children have a truly special bond. I hope that I can come back to visit in the future. Thank you so much!

Evelyn Niederer

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