lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Science lessons in our beautiful orchard

Our year 4 students are learning about flowers, trees, bushes and leaves. The weather was great, so we decided to have the lesson in our beautiful orchard.
We played a game called "search and draw". The students were placed in teams, and had to find all the different types of leaves, according to the edges (entire, dentate, lobate and serrate). They also had to draw the parts of a leaf (veins, petiole and blade). We had fun!, but most importantly, we managed to use one of our most valuable resources, our beautiful orchard.

Julio and Halidou were very much interested in the game.

Celeste found the hidden serrate leaves
Dana and Amín were trying to reach an agreement
We are lucky to work in such a beautiful enviroment
Adam pretty much enjoyed the search and draw game

Carmen del Rosario López Gómez
Coordinadora de bilingüismo del CEIP Bergamín. Curso 2017/2018